Public Comment Procedures

Public Comment Procedures during the Public Comment portion of the East Hempfield Board of Supervisors public meetings.

Adopted by the East Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors on July 15, 2009 since revised on December 19, 2018


The adoption of these procedures is intended to ensure that every resident and/or taxpayer who participates in a public meeting of the East Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors be given a fair opportunity to have their matter heard.  Not all people in attendance will be speaking during the public comment period.  Many attendees have arranged their attendance for items already on the agenda and they must also be given a fair opportunity to participate in the meeting.  These procedures are designed to protect the rights of residents and/or taxpayers who wish to participate in the meeting.


     1.    A public comment period shall be established at the beginning of all public meetings of the Board of Supervisors for the sole purpose of hearing the issues and concerns of residents and/or taxpayers.

             2.     Any resident and/or taxpayer of the Township wishing to address the Board must first be recognized by the Chair, and then                                    must identify him/herself by name, address and municipality of residence.

     3.     Comments of the speaker must be directed to the Board of Supervisors, not staff.

     4.     Each speaker will be given three (3) minutes to comment on non-agenda items. 

     5.   In the interest of preserving time for others having matters of concern before the Board, speakers are urged to limit repetitious comments and, where appropriate, acknowledge agreement with the position expressed by a previous speaker.

     6.   If a person does not complete his/her comments on non-agenda items during the public comment period, he/she will either be afforded additional time at the conclusion of the previously scheduled agenda items, or, the Board may defer the comment period to the next regular meeting or to a special meeting prior to the next regular meeting.

     7.    The first item on the agenda will commence approximately 20 minutes after the start of the meeting.  The public comment period will therefore consist of approximately 20 minutes.

     8.   No official Board action will be taken on items presented during the public comment period.  All items will automatically be referred to Township staff and/or the appropriate committee for further research and discussion.  Matters addressed publicly to the Board will either be taken under advisement, responded to at a later date directly to the person raising the issue, or responded to as an agenda item at a future East Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors public meeting. 

     9.     The above procedures may be modified at any time by a majority vote of the Board of Supervisors.

     10.  These procedures are to be posted in the meeting room and on the Township website.