Pending Legislation

The Board of Supervisors have acknowledged and will be considering the following changes to the Zoning Ordinance:

-Village Commercial Zone - adopted by the Board on September 2, 2020
-Village Residential Zone - adopted by the Board of September 2, 2020

-Wireless Facilities   -   Adopted by the Board on 7/15/2020
         The Cohen Law Group Presentation

-Stobro Company LP Sign Ordinance Amendment - adopted by the Board on 10/7/2020

The public is encouraged to review and comment on these changes.  Contact Jon E. Beck, Development Services Director, to provide any comments and  for questions regarding the changes and the process for adopting these text amendments.  The public can reach Jon at 717-898-3100 or via email at

A hard copy of the text amendments are available for review at the Township building.