Commercial, Industrial, & Institutional Recycling

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection administers the requirements of the Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling, and Waste Reduction Act of 1988 (Act 101), which in turn requires that East Hempfield Township gather and report data on “post-consumer” recyclables that are collected and marketed on an annual basis. Additionally, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional waste generators in the Municipality are required to recycle certain material in accordance with the Township’s Waste and Recycling Ordinance that has been in place since June 5, 1990.  In addition to the above mentioned recyclable materials, our ordinance also requires recycling of high grade office paper, corrugated cardboard, tires and large appliances.

If you do rely on a licensed waste hauler to transport your recyclables, your data is already reported.

If you DO NOT rely on your waste hauler to transport some of all of your recyclables, please help us to capture this data by completing the Commercial/Industrial/Institutional Annual Recycling Report mailed to your place of business each January.

Contact the East Hempfield Township Office for assistance at (717) 898-3100.