Container Limits/Trash tips, rules

The number of trash containers allowed for each residence is three (3) 32-gallon(or smaller) trash bags or cans per week. 

Please put out your trash and recycling the night before pick-up. The Township can not guarantee pick-up times by the hauler.

Bags/cans may not weigh more than 30 pounds.

Construction material will not be picked up as residential waste.
Extra Service Tag Form
You may put out more than three 32-gallon trash bags or cans.  However, each trash container over three must be tagged with a $1.50 yellow service tag.  Tags may be purchased at the Township office or by mail.

Download the Extra Service Tag Form

The trash hauler will not pick up extra bags, containers, or other items over the allotted three unless it is tagged.

Helpful Information
Your personal household trash MAY CAUSE an unsanitary situation if it is not packaged correctly. Please use plastic bags inside your trash cans.  If you have problems with animals getting into your trash, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to clean up the yard and street. (Using trash cans instead of bags will help eliminate this problem). Likewise, if your recycling bin is too full and it is a windy day, you are responsible for cleaning up items blown out of it. (Flatten all plastic jugs if possible) and if you have an overflow of recyclables, place them in a clear plastic bag and place on top of the green bin.

If your trash is not picked up on your trash day, (assuming that you put it out the night before), please call the Township office the following day to report it.  Waste Industries will pick up what has been missed.  In some situations, Waste Industries may leave a sticker on a trash item explaining why it has not been picked up.

Yard waste bags may not be purchased by mail.

The Township is notified by Waste Industries regarding residents who are not complying with the trash ordinance.