Zoning, SALDO, and Stormwater Ordinances 

New Ordinances Adopted

This link will take you to the General Code website which maintains our current set of ordinances.  The new Zoning, SALDO, Stormwater Management, and Road Ordinance have now been codified and are located on the General Code Website.

The following documents accompany the adopted ordinances:


New Technical Specifications and Standard Details (adopted by Resolution)

Zoning Map For Google Earth

New and improved!!  Click here to download a "kml" file to use with Google Earth.  If you do not yet have Google Earth, click here to be directed to the Google Earth website.  Save the 'kml' file to your computer and "Open with Google Earth".  Click on a parcel to see the zoning district designation.

Current Stormwater Management Ordinance Appendix and Forms

This link will take you to the 2014 Stormwater Management Ordinance Appendix and Forms ONLY.  The actual ordinance can be found in the link above 'Current Zoning, SALDO, and Stormwater Management Ordinances'.

Stormwater Management Ordinance (Pre-2014)
This link will provide you the Stormwater Management Ordinance in effect PRIOR to June 2014.  This version of the ordinance ONLY pertains to projects submitted prior to June 2, 2014 and approved under this version of the Stormwater Management Ordinance.

Comprehensive Plan

This link will take you to the Lancaster Inter-Municipal Committee (LIMC) "Growing Together" site.  "Growing Together" is a regional plan for eleven municipalities including Lancaster City, the boroughs of East Petersburg, Millersville, and Mountville, and the townships of East Hempfield, East Lampeter, Lancaster, Manheim, Manor, West Hempfield, and West Lampeter.