IN 1992, East Hempfield Township leaders and community members envisioned building a new playground for area children at the Amos Herr Park in Landisville, PA. Their vision became a reality made possible through the input, effort and generosity of the township and its community members. The playground served the community well for more than two decades.

OVER THE YEARS, some playground components, which were primarily constructed of pressure treated lumber, were removed to maintain safety standards. This, in addition to concerns that the playground’s wood chip surface made it inaccessible for some children, prompted the township’s leadership to approve the construction of a new playground, which is projected for construction in approximately the same area as the old playground.

IN EARLY 2014, Play by Design, from Ithaca, NY was selected by a volunteer committee of community volunteers to design the much needed new playground, which will be built in several phases. 

DEMOLITION OF THE OLD PLAYGROUND began in Jan. 2015 in preparation for the construction of the new playground. The old playground was officially closed on Jan. 5 2015 and dismantled in the spring 2015. 

PRELIMINARY PHASE, which was completed in September 2015, included the construction a covered bridge structure that eventually will serve as the playground entry. 

PHASE ONE involved building the base structure, digging holes, putting in posts and decking etc. Completed Sept. 9-11, 2016.

PHASE TWO involved the construction of the actual playground. Completed Sept. 26 - Oct 2, 2016.

THE NEW PLAYGROUND was built with an eye to accessibility and is constructed durable materials than the previous playground. Various natural features located within the playground are also included in the design plan for the new playground. As was the case with the 1992 playground, the new structure was based on ideas provided by area children, built by hundreds of community volunteers, and largely funded by contributions from local individuals and businesses.