Know your watersheds

Little Conestoga Watershed

The Little Conestoga Watershed is in the eastern section of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and the central-western portion of Lancaster County.

The Little Conestoga Watershed Alliance (LCWA) is a non-profit Pennsylvania organization, founded in October 2000. We are a group of citizens, businesses, non-profit conservation organizations, academic institutions, and local, state and federal government representatives that have joined together and are committed to a common purpose.

For more information about the Little Conestoga Watershed please visit the Little Conestoga Watershed Alliance's website at:

Chiques Creek Watershed 

East Hempfield Township is a participant in the Chiques Creek Reenvisioned Project.  For more information, please visit the project website at: 

A collaborative watershed restoration initiative to support Pennsylvania’s pilot alternative TMDL approach.

For questions and to get involved in the partnership, contact:
Kristen Kyler, Project Coordinator, Penn State Agriculture & Environment Center or 717-948-6609


Penn State was awarded a Chesapeake Bay Stewardship Fund grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in 2015 to facilitate a watershed partnership in the Chiques Creek watershed. Drawing from past successes with the “Conewago Creek Initiative”, the AEC team plans to facilitate collaborative work among diverse stakeholders in the watershed. There are many groups already doing great work in the Chiques Watershed, and the AEC team hopes to bring all stakeholders together to increase successes and share resources.

The project is meant to complement the alternative TMDL approach work that the PA Department of Environmental Protection and the Susquehanna River Basin Commission have been leading over the last year. By bringing together public and private entities, the Chiques Creek Reenvisioned partnership hopes to increase outreach and engagement of landowners in the watershed and accelerate the adoption of land management practices to improve water quality, in support of existing and continued efforts in the watershed.