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Farmingdale Road Area

12/8/2023 - As noted previously the project is coming to a close.  We have heard concerns from residents regarding the new traffic pattern at Oreville/Farmingdale.  This was a major point of discussion in the  early years of this project.  There was fear that the additional traffic from The Crossing's project would have a negative impact on  the residents of Farmingdale Road.  Controlling the cut-thru traffic potential and the need to divert traffic to the new signal at Oreville/Good resulted in this configuration.   The Township continues to look at this very tight intersection to improve the flow of traffic  through it. 

10/4/2023 - This project is winding to a close.  The improvements to Marietta/Good are in place.  The new signal at Oreville/Good will be in flash mode for several days this week and will then be in full activation.  The last part of this project is the pork-chop to be installed at Farmingdale/Oreville which will divert all southbond traffic on Farmingdale to Oreville and the new signal.  This final phase will commence beginning the week of 10/9.  Due to the width of this intersection, installation of the concrete pad will necessitate the intersection being closed.  We are hoping for a quick turn around (1-2 days) but dependent on weather could be longer.  Notification signage is being placed today, alerting vehicles of the pending closure.

9/13/2023 - The mast arms for the traffic signals have arrived!!  All hands will be on deck the next few days to get the signal up at Marietta.  Crews will also be on site to prep the area for paving.  Paving of Marietta is scheduled for the 9/25 and 9/26.  Crews will then move to Good/Oreville for placement of that signal.  The last part of the project will be placement of the median at Farmingdale/Oreville which is scheduled for the 1st week of October.

4/11/2023 -  JVI will be fully mobilizing  the week of April 20th with work focused on preparation of the Good/Oreville intersection to be signalized.  Mast arms/poles have been ordered and scheduled to arrive in August.  Precast stormwater is also on order but not yet received.  As much preparation work will be done at all three intersections in the next few weeks.  There will then be a period of no-activity until the precast and mast arms/poles arrive in August.  The contractor does not anticipate any road closures or night work but residents are advised to avoid the area since it is likely to be congested. 

- The Township continues to wait for a schedule from the contractor (JVI Group).  JVI is waiting for confirmation on the delivery of the signal mast arms.  The Township still feels this will be a 2023 project, assuming supply chain issues are resolved.

1/8/2023 -
The project is moving along with a lot of shop drawing approvals from the contractor.   The schedule for this project will be determined by the arrival of the mast arms for the intersections.  We have not yet been told when they might arrive.  

10/13/2022 -
The project has been bid and contract awarded to the JVI Group.  We do not have a construction schedule yet.  The contractor is arranging his subcontractors for the work to be performed.  Marietta/Good will be the first intersection to see the improvements.  The Oreville/Good intersection will be next (adding the traffic signal).  The last area to be worked on will be the Farmingdale/Oreville intersection.

6/6/2022 -
Right of way has been acquired and bid materials prepared.  The packet has been submitted to PennDOT for their approval.  As soon as they give the ok, the Township will put the project out for bidding.

1/14/2022 -
Plans are being finalized to place this project out for bid in February with award in March.   To recap this project covers improvements to the intersection of Marietta/Good, a new traffic signal at Good/Oreville and redirection of traffic to Oreville at Oreville/Farmingdale.  We anticipate a 4-5 month project span.

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